God Is Not Big Enough? Creation vs. Evolution

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Air Date: February 7, 2014

Host: Vic Eliason

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Vic discussed more about the Creation vs. Evolution debate between Ken Ham and Bill Nye ‘the science guy.’ He began by listing some of the many miracles recorded in the Bible. The miraculous and supernatural cannot be divorced when talking about the Bible and Creation issues.

This upcoming Sunday, February 9, is ‘Evolution Sunday’ where many undiscerning churches and clergymen will celebrate the birthday of Charles Darwin, reaffirming their belief in Evolution and professing their desire to teach Darwinian Evolution in their churches, homes, and schools when talking about scientific issues.

They feel science and religion should be kept separate. Vic played an audio clip of Pat Robertson giving into the Big Bang Theory, the old age of the Earth, Evolution, dating of rock samples and fossils, trying to justify Evolution, saying God used Evolution to create all things, and Bishop Ussher’s dating process was way off. Vic then read a paper written by his father about an apostate pastor and what happened when he died and entered Hell.

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