A Look At Islam From Allah To Christ

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Air Date: September 27, 2013

Host: Jim Schneider

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Al Fadi is a native of Saudi Arabia and a former Muslim. He came to the United States for college and had the goal of converting others to Islam, but instead he was converted to Christianity. He desires to educate the West about Islam. He, along with other former Muslims, have authored the book, “The Qur’an Dilemma”.

After high school, Al went to a religious university with the intent to earn a degree in Islamic studies. A year and a half later he changed his mind and decided he could continue to grow in the Islamic faith without pursuing such a degree so he changed his major to engineering.

When he finished his studies, his father asked him if he would consider going to the West, specifically to obtain a graduate degree. He agreed to go and looking back he realizes that once he was on campus, he could not make sense of certain idioms that are part of the English language. In order to overcome his difficulty, a teacher encouraged Al to seek help with Americans via organizations on campus that help international students.

The one he ended up working with was a Christian organization. Eventually he was paired up with a family and Al admitted he was touched by their lifestyle, kindness and love.

Within a few months he changed his mind about his educational major and he switched campuses and didn’t maintain contact with his college ‘family’ but he never forgot their example.

It wasn’t until he left graduate school and he met another family that he was reminded of his first Christian family encounter. Al and members of this new family began to have spiritual and religious discussions so now his motive was to convert them to Islam. He was surprised at the firmness of their faith and how they rejected his insinuation that Jesus wasn’t crucified, that the Bible is corrupt and that Christianity is false. They challenged him to prove it and this caused him to have doubts concerning his Islamic faith. This led him to begin searching for answers while the Lord continued to influence him through others.

In May of 2001 he began attending a Christian church where he heard the
Gospel from the Gospel of John as well as discovering right after 9-11 that Jesus commands us to love our enemies. That touched his heart and along with the past influences that God brought into his life, he was brought to his knees in acceptance of Christ as Lord and Savior in November of 2001.

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