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Air Date: September 16, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Ray Comfort

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Ray Comfort is the founder, president and CEO of Living Waters Publications. He is also the co-host of ‘The Way of the Master’ TV program and is the author of numerous books. Their mission at Living Waters Publications is to fulfill the Great Commission by using books, CD’s, DVD’s, and Gospel tracts to equip believers in the area of personal evangelism.

Ray explained that at one point he wanted to produce a video regarding famous atheists. He began by e-mailing 20 different scientists. He managed to get 4 on camera and after looking at the footage he knew he had to change the name of the project because what he recorded dealt a lot with evolution and the fact that it’s completely bogus science. The result was the 36 minute movie titled, “Evolution vs. God”.

In ‘Evolution vs. God’ you’ll see Ray as he presses experts at UCLA and USC, holding their ‘feet to the fire’ for evidence from Darwinian evolution.

Join Ray as he describes why evolutionists use the word ‘species’ instead of the biblical word ‘kind’; why no creation science experts were needed in the movie to dissect what the evolutionary experts had to say; why evolutionists have a heavy reliance upon faith, why this issue is so volatile and more.

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To obtain a copy of ‘Evolution vs. God’ in the quantities listed below, call 1-800-729-9829. Donation prices include postage.

1 copy–$5 donation
5 copies–$18
10 copies–$25

Ordering can also be done online at www.vcyamerica.org.

VCY America will be screening this film this Saturday the 21st at 7pm at the Waukesha Expo Center. Also speaking will be Dr. David Menton from Answers in Genesis.

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