Gun Rights Under Fire

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Air Date: July 30, 2013

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Larry Pratt

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Larry Pratt is the Executive Director of Gun Owners of America. He is an expert on 2nd Amendment History and how it relates to topics of today.

Larry believes the evidence presented to the jury in the George Zimmerman/Trayvon Martin trial gave no possible verdict other than “not guilty.” For example, Zimmerman had grass stains on his back, a contusion on the back of his head, a broken nose, and there were pictures of him before he was cleaned up at the scene. The evidence also included grass stains on Martin’s knees. This last piece of evidence makes it appear that Martin was straddling Zimmerman and pushing his head into the cement.

Since his acquittal, multiple threats have been made against Zimmerman and his family. Even a couple that Zimmerman recently saved in a Florida car crash cancelled a news conference because they were receiving threats.

Now news is out that Zimmerman’s personal gun has been confiscated under the order of Attorney General Eric Holder. Larry believes this is an overreach of government and that a hate-crimes lawsuit against Zimmerman may be in the works.

Larry also talked about an invasion of privacy via the use of medical data that could lead to the confiscation of people’s guns and the denial of permits to carry concealed weapons. This is why Larry urged listeners to call their congressmen and encourage them to only vote for a continuing resolution that defunds Obamacare.

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