Middle East: A Powder Keg

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Air Date: September 19, 2012

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Avi Lipkin

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Avi Lipkin was born in the U.S., but immigrated to Israel in 1968. He served in the Israeli Defense Forces Reserves for 30 years, served in the IDF Artillery Reserves and 14 years as an IDF spokesman. Avi also served as senior editor and translator in the Israeli Prime Minister’s Office. Avi speaks 6 languages and is well versed in the centuries of Islamic Wars. He has written several books including, “Is Fanatic Islam a Global Threat?”.

On the uprisings at U.S. embassies, Avi communicated that Hillary Clinton doesn’t understand the mentality of Muslims and it’s no different for many Americans. Avi likened himself to a needle that provides the vaccination Americans needs to survive, “…the sickness known as Islam.”

Moving up the chain-of-command to President Obama, Avi believes Obama has three tasks according to those in Saudi Arabia:

(1) Terminate the Shiite threat in Iran. (Avi believes this will happen before the
November elections.)
(2) Destroy the Jewish threat.
(3) Convert America into a Muslim nation.

Point #3 involves what Avi feels is President Obama’s plan to bring 100 million Muslims to live in America. This requires bringing the fanatical Muslim Brotherhood governments to power. These nations will attempt to kill Jews and Christians. Since nations won’t invest in others that are killing Christians, the economies of these Muslim Brotherhood led nations will collapse which will send masses of Muslims to America where President Obama will welcome them.

Avi also comments on:

–Recent interesting comments regarding Israel’s future from Nancy Pelosi.

–How far away is Israel from war with Iran, will America be involved and is
Israel prepared to fight this battle alone?

–The media’s treatment of the Middle East situation.

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