Best Of The Week – November 5th, 2011

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Air Date: November 3, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Ed Decker

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Ed Decker, founder of Saints Alive, was a Mormon for 20 years of his adult life. He was a member of the Melchizedek priesthood, a Temple Mormon and active in many church positions. Through a crisis in his life, Ed met the real Jesus and his life was changed forever. An active author, speaker and evangelist, Ed has brought the light of Biblical truth to uncountable thousands of those lost in spiritual darkness. Today, the work of Saints Alive Ministries has expanded worldwide and includes ministry to other groups such as the Masonic Lodge.

Vic began by playing an audio clip from mega-church pastor, Joel Osteen. Osteen’s comments from last Monday, October 24th, were in response to a reporter’s questions where he said he believes Mormons are Christians, but does not know whether Mormonism is the “purest form of Christianity”.

Ed Decker has issued a response in a formal letter to Pastor Osteen, a letter that is available to you and a portion of which you’ll hear on this edition of Crosstalk.

More Information:

To obtain a copy of Ed Decker’s letter to Pastor Joel Osteen, go to

To obtain a special chapter article on the Mormon plan for America and the rise of Mitt Romney, e-mail Ed Decker at

To obtain an updated copy of Ed Decker’s book, The God Makers, send a donation of $17 or more to:

3434 W. Kilbourn Ave.
Milwaukee, WI. 53208

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