Best Of The Week – October 29, 2011

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Air Date: October 24, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Ted Shoebat

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Ted is the son of past Crosstalk guest Walid Shoebat, the former Muslim terrorist and P.L.O. member. He is the author of In Satan’s Footsteps and co-author of For God or for Tyranny.

Don’t miss this Crosstalk as Ted outlines the personalities and forces that are combining to support unrest and protest around the world. One of these is the protest movement known as “Occupy Wall Street”; a movement that you’ll discover is much more than a protest against Wall Street wealth.

Some important questions answered by Ted include:

Why are Muslims linking arms with leftist groups and organizations as it pertains to the “Occupy Wall Street” protests?

Is there a correlation between what’s been called the “Arab Spring” protests and the “Occupy Wall Street” movement?

Has President Obama noted his solidarity with the “Occupy Wall Street” protests as well as the Libyan revolution; the same revolution that resulted in the deaths of many Coptic Christians?

Are Middle Eastern nations revolting not for democracy but instead to become building blocks for a larger Islamic nation?

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To obtain a copy of For God or for Tyranny go to or call the VCY Bookstore at 1-888-722-4829.

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