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Air Date: September 30, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

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These are just a few of the many news stories Jim made listeners aware of on this Friday edition of Crosstalk.

–Iranian Pastor Yousef Nadarkhani (Crosstalk 09-29-2011) is told he must renounce his Christian faith due to his Islamic heritage. He refuses, therefore he continues to be under threat of death under Iranian law. (The list of people to contact about this situation is duplicated below)

–Atheists are making a concerted effort to thwart the efforts of evangelist Ray Comfort to expose the holocaust of abortion via his latest video effort called, “180”
(Crosstalk 09-28-2011).

–Presidential candidate Herbert Cain says that if president he would prosecute the Council on American-Islamic Relations and other Islamic groups in the U.S. that have been linked to the Palestinian terrorist group, Hamas, and its parent, the Muslim Brotherhood.

–The Obama administration told the Palestinian Authority that it can’t significantly help advance a Palestinian state until after the 2012 presidential elections.

–Mike Huckabee is considering entering the election race.

–Iran begins mass production of cruise missiles for their navy.

–Census Bureau admits artificially inflating the number of same sex households.

–With the toppling of “Don’t ask, don’t tell”, the gay rights movement now seeks to end the military’s ban on transgender individuals.

–National Institutes of Health reports that 3 more human embryonic stem cell lines have been approved for taxpayer funding bringing the total to 135.

More Information:

Here is the list of calls to make to intercede for Iranian Christian Pastor Youcef Nadarkhani, who is facing a death sentence for refusing to recant his faith and refusing to convert to Islam.

U.S. Dept of State
Secretary of State Hillary Clinton (202) 647-5291
Secretary’s Chief of Staff Cheryl Mills (202) 647-5548
Deputy Secretary of State William Burns (202) 647-8636
Undersecretary for Political Affairs Wendy Sherman (202) 647-2471
Undersecretary for Democracy
& Global Affairs Maria Otero (202) 647-1189
Assistant Sec. Democracy, Human
Rights & Labor Michael Posner (202) 647-1337
Dept. of State Iran Office (202) 647-2520
Ambassador at Large for
International Religious Freedom Susan Johnson Cooke (202) 647-0798

White House
Switchboard (202) 456-1414
Comment Line (202) 456-1111

Contact your U.S. Representative (202) 225-3121
Contact your two U.S. Senators (202) 224-3121
House Speaker John Boehner (202) 225-0600
House Majority Leader – Eric Cantor (202) 225-2815
House Minority Leader – Nancy Pelosi (202) 225-4965
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (202) 224-3542
Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (202) 224-2541

Media Contacts – Requesting they cover the story
ABC (818) 460-7477
CBS (212) 975-4321
NBC (212) 664-4444
Fox (212) 852-7111 (Note: Fox has carried the story)

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