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Air Date: August 8, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

Guest: Lowell Ponte

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Lowell Ponte is the co-author of two books, Crashing the Dollar and Inflation Deception. He is also a columnist at Newsmax.com.

Recently, officials at Standard and Poor’s downgraded the United States credit rating from triple-A to AA+. This is not surprising when you consider that according to Lowell, the American government is borrowing the equivalent of 3.5 million dollars per minute. Since money has to rest upon real wealth and productivity and not on the dreams of a welfare state, this trend must be stopped and reversed.

Does the fault rest with Democrats who want welfare programs? Are the Republicans at fault for getting us into war? More specifically, could it be that Tea-Party Republicans are the obstructionists in all of this? Can anything be done to stop this avalanche of rising debt from politicians that seem addicted to spending? Does the Bible speak to this issue? Find out when you review this timely edition of Crosstalk.

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