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Air Date: July 20, 2011

Host: Vic Eliason

Guest: Peter LaBarbera

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When President Obama was campaigning for the White House, he clearly stated that he believed marriage was between a man and a woman. Yesterday, however, he made it official that he is now endorsing legislation that repeals the Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA).

This turn in President Obama’s attitude is providing “hope and change” for the homosexual community to such an extent that hearings are taking place to draft legislation to repeal DOMA. The legislation is called the “Respect for Marriage Act” (H.R. 116). It has 119 co-sponsors. In the Senate it’s known as S. 598 and has 27 co-sponsors.

Find out what you can do to stop this trend, which presidential candidates signed a pledge that they would use the presidency to oppose same-sex marriage, why the Institutes of Health is using taxpayer money to study the mechanics of sodomy, California’s bill requiring public schools to teach the alleged historical contributions of homosexual Americans, and much more.

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To contact your legislators and encourage them to defend the Defense of Marriage Act, call the Capitol Switchboard at the following numbers:


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