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Air Date: June 20, 2011

Host: Jim Schneider

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On this edition of Crosstalk, you’ll hear about how President Obama, the U.S.D.A, former congressman Anthony Wiener, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, the State of New York and more are currently in the news related to the homosexual agenda.

Other stories included:

The Obama Justice Department is suing to save Planned Parenthood funding in Indiana.

The NBC television network edits the words, “under God” from the Pledge of Allegiance during U.S. Open Golf Championship.

A Tulsa, Oklahoma, police captain has been suspended without pay for two weeks for disobeying orders to make officers attend a law enforcement appreciation day at a local mosque.

Janet Napolitano attempts to explain her reasons for being against profiling in spite of known terrorist trends.

New information regarding Muslim violence against Christians in Africa.

Texas congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee raises questions about Christian militants who may want to bring down America at Muslim radicalization hearing.

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