LIFE ISSUES: Abortion (Part 2)

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Today, we’re talking about life issues, specifically about the issue of abortion.

For decades, pro-abortion advocates have argued the unborn child is nothing more than “tissue,” not a person at all.

But scientific advancement has given us a window inside the womb — and evidence the unborn child is a person.

According to the pro-life Action League, 18-24 days after conception, a child’s heart begins beating. At six weeks, brain waves can be detected. At nine weeks, a baby can grab objects with his fingers, suck his thumb, and grow fingernails. In addition, all essential organs of the child are forming. By 12 weeks, the child kicks, opens his mouth, and can turn over. By 13 weeks, the child’s vocal cords and hearing ability begin to function. Growth means life.

This all reflects Psalm 139 which says God “knitted me together in my mother’s womb.” (ESV)

And what are other issues of life? We’ll discuss them another time.

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