TRUTH & DOUBT: Understanding the Enemy’s Strategy (Part 20)

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Today, we’re talking about the enemy’s strategies.  

Secular education today teaches far more than the 3 R’s of reading, writing, and arithmetic. In fact, it is teaching a 4th R: rejection of biblical values.

According to The Washington Times, a concerned parent recently attended a school board meeting and read excerpts from a book her son checked out of the school library. Those in attendance were shocked at the book’s depiction of graphic homosexual conduct by FOURTH-GRADE BOYS!

Satan’s strategy is obvious: normalize evil and desensitize young people to it.

Romans 1 teaches that when a culture rejects God, their hearts become darkened, and they involve themselves in all manner of sinful behavior. But Romans 12 offers hope: those who repent of their sin and trust Christ as Savior can have their minds renewed. What our culture needs is the spiritual renewal found only through Christ. 

And what are other ways the enemy deceives? We’ll discuss them another time.

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Carl Kerby is the founder of Reasons for Hope and co-creator of the DeBunked apologetic video series. His radio feature, Fast Facts, is heard weekly on VCY America, Saturdays at 9:25 AM Central.

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