WORLDVIEW: Should Christians Avoid Drugs?

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Should Christians avoid using all drugs?  When it comes to street drugs of any kind, like marijuana, cocaine, or opiates the answer is really easy … YES!  Avoid them at all costs!

However, there are some Christians who try to say that prescription drugs for things like anxiety and depression should also be avoided, and this is in grave error!

We need to remember that we are around 6,000 years removed from the Garden and the Sin Curse.  Sometimes people are born with a chemical imbalance because of the sin nature that effects all of us.  In these instances, we need to realize that God also created doctors who have developed ways to combat these deficiencies through medicine.

It is perfectly acceptable to use prescription drugs to combat these deficiencies just as much as a diabetic needs insulin to combat blood sugar irregularities. 

We’ll dive into some more questions that need answers next time.

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