WORLDVIEW: Is Marijuana a Gateway Drug?

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Is marijuana a gateway drug?  It needs to be said that there ARE some medicinal properties to marijuana that have proven to be beneficial for some cases of illness. Unfortunately though, marijuana use has been severely abused and has led many to seek harder drugs as an outcome.  But is the drug itself the gateway, or is there something more cynical at work?

For decades, marijuana users had to commit themselves to a lifestyle of living “UNDER the radar.”  Buying, selling, transporting, and using had to be done in secret.  Once a person learns to operate in secret, that lifestyle often leads to living a darker life of secrecy as a norm.  This new programing of the mind has a tendency to lead to other “secret” drugs, and secret illegal behavior like theft, even making the lifestyle of pornography an erroneously comfortable secret.

But what about alcohol?  Is it ok for a Christian to socially drink? 

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