WORLDVIEW: Is It a Sin for a Christian Soldier to Kill in Battle?

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If a Christian joins the military and kills someone in battle, did they commit a sin against one of the Ten Commandments?

In order to fully understand this, we have to look at what the original commandment said.  The Hebrew word used is “Ratsach (raw-tsakh’).”  The exact meaning of the word is to “Murder,” or “Slay.”  Further descriptions of the word go on to use terms like “Premeditated,” and “Intentional.”

Now, lets think about that Christian soldier who finds themselves on the battlefield having to make a split-second decision about taking another’s life.  Do they have time to meditate on it?  Did they wake up that morning wanting to intentionally murder someone?  No, and no!

Killing someone in defense is in stark contrast to what it means to murder someone.  God didn’t say, “Not to Kill;” He said, “Not to Murder.”  Two totally different words, and words have meanings.

Next time we’re going to dive into some more deep topics.

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