WORLDVIEW: Should Christians Engage in Politics?

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Should Christians engage in politics?  The answer is simple: YESS … NOOOO … YESS … ???

Actually, it all comes down to intent.  If it is your intention to hop on social media and become a keyboard warrior who’s intent is to save the world through your political opinions, then NO!

But, it is necessary that Christians actively engage in running for various state and local offices where they can represent Christian morality as found in the Scriptures.  After all, our country was founded by Bible-believing Christians intent on creating a space to worship our Creator freely.

Christians should also practice their right to vote, which can be seen as engaging in politics.  The intention of a Christian’s vote should be according to their moral conscious as directed by God’s Word alone, not by a particular political party.

If a Christian joins the military and kills someone in battle, did they commit a sin?  We’ll talk about that next time.

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