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Due to the lack of finding habitable planets that can support life, some have claimed that there must be multiple universes out there that may have life-supporting planets like Earth.

This claim is necessary for evolutionists to hold onto their theory that aliens impregnated Planet Earth with the necessary ingredients for life to have evolved in the first place.

But even an article by the secular group, Scientific American, states in the headline that, “Multiverse Theories Are Bad For Science.”

In the article, scientific journalist John Horgan writes this: 

“Science is ill-served when prominent thinkers tout ideas that can never be tested and hence are, sorry, unscientific. Moreover, at a time when our world, the real world, faces serious problems, dwelling on multiverses strikes me as escapism – akin to billionaires fantasizing about colonizing Mars. Shouldn’t scientists do something more productive with their time?”

I think I’ll just let his words close us out.  Next up, we’ll tackle Panspermia.

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