WORLDVIEW: Asking God the Tough Questions (Part 5)

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Skeptics have tried to falsify Christianity by saying that a Good God would never send someone to a place like Hell.  Truth be told … there’s some reality to that statement.

Second Peter 3:9 makes it abundantly clear that, “God doesn’t desire for ANYONE to perish, but that ALL should come to repentance.”

God made a way for every person who has ever lived to receive forgiveness through what Jesus accomplished on the cross.  By laying down the life of His only Son, God shouted to the world that He loves every person and desires to spend eternity with us.

God gives each of us the choice to accept the payment Christ made for us.  Because God does not force us to make that choice, some will refuse the payment and the punishment remains for them.  They choose Hell over redemption.

Ultimately, God doesn’t send anyone to Hell … people choose that.

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