BIBLE: Interesting Facts (Part 5)

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In this article, I’d like to share my absolute favorite scientific revelation in the Bible that couldn’t have been known without Divine inspiration

Abraham was a tent-dwelling desert traveler who had no access to a medical hospital.  God commanded him to circumcise all boys at the specific age of eight days old.  Why eight days?  I’m glad you asked.

Modern science has discovered that newborns have a peculiar susceptibility to bleeding the first week of their lives which could lead to organ or brain damage and even death in certain cases.

However, on the eighth day, the blood clotting agent known as prothrombin is at an elevated level of over one hundred percent.  This happens only ONE day of their lives.

It turns out that the eighth day is the only perfect day for a desert dweller to perform a circumcision with the best results for clotting.

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