FALSE RELIGIONS: Hinduism (Part 3)

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Today, we’re talking about Hinduism.

One way Hinduism deals with pain and suffering is to deny they even exist. That sounds crazy, but it’s classic Hindu teaching. As popular Hindu author Amish Tripathi said, “Everything in the world is Maya, an illusion.”

That’s right, according to Hinduism, everything we see and experience really isn’t there – it’s only an illusion, like a dream. Hinduism teaches that ultimate reality is … get this … REALIZING REALITY ISN’T REAL!

Ohhhh – kay??!!

Well, the Bible has a better way to deal with pain and suffering: showing God’s grace to the needy. Even though sin and its consequences entered the world through man’s disobedience, God’s desires that we help the hurting, provide for the poor, encourage the despairing, and most of all, share the good news that Christ died to redeem them. When Jesus returns, all pain and suffering will become a distant memory.

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