FALSE RELIGIONS: How Mormonism Views Jesus

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Today, we’re talking about how Mormonism views Jesus Christ. Many people think of Mormons only as the white-shirt-and-black-tie visitors going door-to-door. In reality, though, the church’s unorthodox beliefs have caused many Christians to label it a cult.

But what does the Church of Latter-Day Saints believe about Jesus? Well, Mormonism teaches that Jesus was a created being – the first “spirit child” God made, but He was not created eternal. When Jesus did appear on earth, He was born just a normal human. Although Mormonism teaches that Jesus later “became divine,” this divinity was what any other human being could attain, since any good Mormon can become a “god.”

This is all in contrast to the Scriptural teachings that Jesus is eternal and has always been divine.  John 1:1 tells us clearly, “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.”

What do Jehovah’s Witnesses believe about Jesus? We’ll discuss that another time.

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