BIBLICAL WORLDVIEW: Argument from the Resurrection (Part 4)

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Today, we’re talking about evidence from the Resurrection. Skeptics attacking the Resurrection have argued that the women who came to the empty tomb the third day and claimed Christ arose were just mixed up – supposedly, they went to the wrong tomb and had the mistaken idea that Jesus rose from the dead.

However … the biblical record clearly states that the women saw where Jesus was laid after the Crucifixion – the likelihood they went to the wrong place just three days later is slim. And when Peter and John heard the women’s report and ran to the tomb, did they get mixed up, too? Besides, if all these people did go to the wrong tomb, the chief priests could have just taken everyone to the right tomb to prove the disciples wrong.

Fact is, it wasn’t the wrong tomb! Like the angels told the women that day – JESUS HAD RISEN!

There is more evidence from the Resurrection. We’ll discuss that another time.

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