WORLDVIEW: Reincarnation (Part 2)

Today, we’re talking about worldviews. The idea of reincarnation, that a being dies only to return to life in a different form, is contrary to the Christian belief of the afterlife. Unlike animals or plants, human beings were created uniquely in the image of God and have eternal souls. But don’t take my word for it!

In Matthew 25:46, Jesus Christ clearly explained that, after death, all mankind will face God’s judgement and spend eternity in Hell or Heaven. He said, “And [the ungodly] shall go away into everlasting punishment: but the righteous into life eternal.”

As apologist Lee Strobel said:

I don’t believe in reincarnation because there’s an expert on this question, and he’s Jesus of Nazareth … the only person in history who died, rose from the dead, and spoke authoritatively on this question. And Jesus says reincarnation doesn’t happen.

There you have it!

Related to reincarnation is pantheism, but we’ll discuss that another time. For more information, go to  Stay bold!

Carl Kerby is the founder of Reasons for Hope and co-creator of the DeBunked apologetic video series. His radio feature, Fast Facts, is heard weekly on VCY America, Saturdays at 9:25 AM Central.

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