Our Great-Grandma Lucy?

This is Ken Ham, author of the classic book, The Lie: Evolution and Millions of Years.

In the 1970s scientists discovered, “Lucy,” a new species they claimed was the missing link. Now creationists read the papers and easily concluded: Lucy was an ape!

Her skull, hips, and knee all looked ape-like. And later fossils showed she had ape hands and feet—something evolutionists didn’t expect!

So why the label of missing link? Well, she has some unique features. And whenever evolutionists find variety, they claim that’s evidence of evolution. But variety exists in every kind God made—including the ape kind!

Nothing about Lucy’s skeleton says “sort of human,” unless you’re determined to make it fit evolution.

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This post originally appeared at https://answersingenesis.org/media/audio/answers-with-ken-ham/volume-153/our-great-grandma-lucy/

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