Who Controls the Future?

This is Ken Ham, inviting you to visit to the full-size Noah’s Ark at the Ark Encounter.

Climate change is one of today’s hot topics, influencing everything from policy to couples’ decisions about children. When you really dig into it, the whole climate change discussion is really a religious one—are we God? Do we control the fate of the earth?

The Bible says no—God created this earth, it didn’t evolve, and ultimately the future is controlled by the sovereign God. Our job is not to force the results we think we want. Our mandate is to be good stewards, taking godly dominion over creation.

And God has promised seedtime and harvest will continue as long as earth endures. We don’t control the future—God does!

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This post originally appeared at https://answersingenesis.org/media/audio/answers-with-ken-ham/volume-153/who-controls-future/

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